Film still from 89 Movies..., 1965. Shown in MoMA, Information Show, 1970.
Robert Watts FLUX POST 17-17 Published by the artist in 1964. This example, black ink (also printed in blue ink.) 8-1/2 x 11 inches Edition size n/a
Examples of produce from The American Supermarket, including Chrome Cantaloupe, Chrome Pears, Chrome Pepper, Chrome Cabbage. Bianchini Gallery, NYC 1964.
Flux-card Logo by George Maciunas
Stamp Machine loaded with the artist's stamps.
Mona Lisa Cake, event 1967
Fluxus Edition, Fingerprint Box, 1960's
Chrome Shrimps and Clams, 1963-64, Collection Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.
Neon Chair, with Robert Watts and Dorothy Lichtenstein, ca. 1967
Chrome Cabbage, Edition Conz, 1984.
Bandit 201, Stick-On Tattoo Sheet by Implosions, Inc., 1967. Edition Size unknown.
Tree-Wind Painting series, ca. 1984. Markers suspended from tree.
Cloud Catcher, 1968/69. Sited outdoors in Martins Creek, PA, 1979. Mirror bisected by horizontal etched line.
Blink Event, from collaboration with George Brecht and Alison Knowles, at Sissor Bros. Warehouse, Ralph Nelson Gallery, Los Angeles